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What is The Golden Wrench Award?

You may have seen across our Facebook and Instagram, our post recognizing our staff for winning the Golden Wrench Award. At ARS Truck and Fleet Service, we believe heavily in celebrating our staff. You’ll get the best out of someone when they feel good about themselves – and there’s no better feeling than being recognized by your peers. When you reward good behavior, people will want to maintain those habits moving forward, thus inspiring not only themselves, but those around them. 

The Golden Wrench Award was started by our owner and CEO, Patrick Connell in 2010, and since then, we have kept the tradition going by nominating team members every week who go above and beyond for the company. Patrick was also the one who gave the trophy its name. A common phrase made by mechanics is “turning wrenches” and since trophies are gold, that’s how the Golden Wrench came to be. 

Our goal at ARS is to inspire and encourage a culture that influences people to act on the seven philosophies that we live by, not only as a company but as individuals. Our WE LEAD Principles are: 

  • OWN your day
  • LEAD others by your example
  • When speaking, send a CLEAR message
  • URGENCY, It’s What Matters.
  • PRIDE: Have it. We are the best. Act like it.
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE and be humble– Without those, someone else will be the best.
  • WORK like you mean it; make your co-workers proud. Your customer and company will notice.

This program works by peers nominating their peers. The nomination is given by a peer who has caught someone in the act of greatness and going above and beyond expectation, without expecting recognition. Right before our weekly Wednesday BBQ, the teams from both the mechanical and collision divisions gather around the grill to hear the nominations, vote on, and celebrate the winner. Once the winner(s) are picked, they are awarded with a gift card, a designated parking spot, and they get to keep the custom Golden Wrench trophy at their desk, toolbox, or workspace for the week. 

There are times when a nominee can have more than one or all seven key principles checked off on the nomination form. As a team, we are constantly reminded of what our WE LEAD principles mean and how they pertain to our everyday lives. There are also times where we give the award to each of the nominees, because everyone has done something exceptional or outstanding and one is not necessarily better than the other. 

An example from July 2022, we decided as a team to have three nominations be awarded the Golden Wrench. Three of our technicians went above and beyond without seeking recognition. Our techs Wayne and Dom came in on their day off to work on customer trucks on a Saturday to get them back on the road Monday. One of our newest techs Kevin went above and beyond to clean the oil recycle area that often gets neglected without being asked – helping all of his fellow technicians in the shop.

This is just one of the ways we celebrate the team at ARS and the good things they do all week long. The value of this recognition is extended to our partners. The ability for our team to go above and beyond internally, certainly shows on the vehicles and equipment we repair and maintain.  

Our team is always growing; and we currently have multiple opportunities at both our mechanical and collision shop, from entry-level to management. Do you or someone you know want to receive a Golden Wrench award? Encourage them to apply now.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service