ARS Truck and Fleet Service

Better • Cleaner • Faster

As a business owner you know the vital role your vehicles play in your success. Be it responding to late-night service calls, making deliveries on time, responding to emergencies, or simple operational efficiency your vehicles are the very backbone of what you do day-in and day-out.

That’s why it’s essential to keep them in peak condition with ARS Truck and Fleet Service.

Led by award-winning automotive and fleet industry executive Patrick Connell, we’ve provided unmatched service and repair options to commercial businesses and government agencies for more than 30 years. We’re the best at what we do because we understand there’s real people behind the wheel, real businesses trying to succeed, and real customers you’re trying to support.

Expanded Service Offerings with a Smarter Proactive Approach

Providing both in-house and on-location mobile services, we take your fleet’s performance to the next level by keep your vehicles in tip-top shape with smarter, more affordable solutions that save you time, money, and effort.

More importantly, we give you the ability to keep people safer, improve business productivity, and reduce downtime by developing a partnership that supports your individual needs. We do this with a variety of options, including:

Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

Preventing potential problems before they occur can help you save money by avoiding costly repairs. Our highly experienced team can create a routine vehicle maintenance schedule to keep your fleet up and running strong by reducing breakdowns, accidents, and liability issues; all while staying ahead of your vehicles’ current conditions.

Responsive Repairs and After-Hours Support

Breakdowns happen when you least expect them which is why ARS Truck and Fleet Service offer in-shop, on-site, pick-up and delivery, and after-hour services. Our custom management, service, and fleet repair options are what separate us from the competition. In fact, we keep track of your fleet’s service history, provide service interval management, and even deliver per vehicle cost analysis; all to keep your vehicles safely and affordably on the road.

Award-Winning Fleet Experience

When vehicles are the foundation of your business you can’t rely on partners who aren’t responsive, thorough, or able to meet your tight deadlines. And that’s where ARS Truck and Fleet Service shines the brightest.

A five-time member of ATI’s Top 12 National Automotive Shops, we perform over 50k services per year. And as one of Delaware’s fastest 50 growing companies and Automotive Training Institute’s top shops, our success is quickly becoming widely known. And while accolades are nice, it’s the relationships we build with our partners that matter the most.

We believe that by building a strong relationship with each partner we can provide them with better solutions, a smoother service and repair process, and more affordable options to keep their fleets going strong.

There When You Need Us

Time is money and your fleet is the very cornerstone of your operation. When you rely on ARS Truck and Fleet Service we can be the only in-house or mobile repair shop you’ll ever need to keep your vehicles on the road. We’ll be here to provide preemptive services, emergency dispatched services within an hour, and affordability that helps you stay prepared for every mile ahead.

Who better to tell our story than Patrick Connell, President and CEO of ARS Fleet Service?

“Incorporated in 1972, Automotive Repair Specialists was my father’s dream. He taught me everything I know.  And I watched as he led by example.  He retired in 1999, and shortly after, ARS Fleet Service was born.

We took the best of Automotive Repair Specialists and combined it with the desire to become a leader in the fleet service market. We hit the ground running, listened to the market, and quickly created some of the most popular services we have today.

ARS has been a market leader for years. I credit two things for that. My father’s work ethic and my desire to provide a client experience commercial truck owners weren’t getting.

Although we are proud to be named as one of Delaware’s Fastest 50 growing companies and one of  Automotive Training Institute’s top shops, we aren’t done. In fact, we are just getting started.”


No matter the size of your commercial fleet, it’s essential that your vehicles are continually working for you and your bottom line. That’s why choosing the right fleet service provider is so important. 

Here’s why we’re one of the best and most trusted fleet maintenance companies in the area: