THE MOBILE ADVANTAGE - ARS Truck & Fleet Service


“If you have a different mindset you will have a different outcome” ~ Jack Ma.

When you manage a fleet, you’re always looking for ways to keep your costs low while ensuring your business is performing at its best. All too often when reviewing costs, there’s a forgotten cost that is either missed or you don’t think can be improved – DOWNTIME.

Every single second that your vehicle is off the road is downtime. It costs you money in lost revenue and productivity. It might not be an itemized column on your P&L spreadsheet, but that hidden downtime cost can illustrate shrinking profit margins and missed revenue benchmarks.

Understanding downtime and reducing it, is one of the very best ways to improve your bottom line.

At ARS Truck & Fleet Service, we have a solution for downtime reduction.

  1. We offer highly skilled mechanics in mobile trucks that will drive directly to your jobsite.
  2. They’re dispatched within an hour of receiving your call.
  3. They show up in fully stocked trucks and are trained to solve and repair all service needs while your team continues working.
  4. No Lost Downtime

The traditional way of getting your fleet and trucks serviced is long gone.

No one has time to schedule an appointment. Drive the vehicle to a repair facility. Hitch a ride. Find a spare truck to use for the day. Or sit around unproductive while your vehicle gets service.

At ARS Truck & Fleet Service, we mastered the art of vehicle pick up and delivery 15 years ago. We now pick up more than 90% of all vehicles serviced. Over the past 5 years, we’ve evolved that process even further with mobile service – not taking the truck at all.

As you focus on your company’s bottom line, let ARS focus on your fleet. Together, with a different approach, we’ll get a better outcome for your P&L. At ARS, we spend our days looking for ways to help you and your business perform better. Our mobile service program is just one of those ways.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service