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Delaware Truck Refinishers Expansion Focuses on Employees

Recently, Delaware Truck Refinishers completed an expansion to their headquarters at 3039 Bowlarama Drive in New Castle. Patrick Connell, owner and CEO of ARS Truck & Fleet Service shared his thoughts: “The additional space will allow us to meet the market demands and give us the space to continue developing and investing in our workforce”

Examples of this include Zaina Simone, Customer Service Representative (CSR), is responsible for DTR’s complete customer service experience from beginning to end. She handles vehicle intake and communicates each step of the process and progress with their customers and partners. Simone also oversees and manages DTR’s vehicle delivery process. She has a background in the auto industry and is well versed in customer service excellence.

Additionally, our RV division is currently undergoing massive enhancements for 2022. Currently lead by a DTR company veteran who joined the company 20 years ago with 35 years of RV repair experience, DTR further hopes to grow this division and become the area leader in RV paint and body repairs.

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