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The Real Cost

What’s the real cost of your fleet service? Not the hourly rate you’ve been quoted, but the real cost?

This is a conversation we have a lot here at ARS. We know that cost is a big deal when choosing your service partner, but we also know that the real cost is about way more than $ per hour. Getting value for your money and keeping costs low isn’t always about the obvious cost per hour for the mechanic.

“My mechanic is the best! He only charges me $80.00 per hour when other shops are so much higher- he really takes care of me ”

Does he? Does he really take care of you?

“Of course he does. Just last week they spent all day 8 hours getting my truck running again, it had an engine light on and now it doesn’t. All I had to do was call them up, make an appointment, drive it over and drop it off. When it was done, I picked it up and the light was off… can’t beat that!”

But what if we did beat that? What if it cost less, much less?

What if we said your friendly ‘low price’ shop wasn’t taking care of you at all? What if, in fact, they were actually charging far more in labor than we do – even with the higher hourly rate?

What if we said there was a better way? Would you consider a change?

“I would, but I don’t understand, you’d have to show me.”

Ok, let’s do that:

A value driven fleet service like ARS does things differently.

First, we supply our technicians with the best equipment. You should come tour the production area and see – just contact us to arrange.

We also train regularly so we can use our equipment properly, safely and effectively.

On top of that, we measure every step of the production process, looking for ways to hone our skills.

All of this results in a much faster turn around time. The fact is, your friendly low-price service does none of this, they simply can’t afford to. So, they spend more time fixing your vehicle on your wallet. They spend on average 2 times the time needed to complete most repairs and bill you for it.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good.”

No, it doesn’t. But hold on – it gets worse.

Our service doesn’t require you to make an appointment for your unplanned repair, and we also don’t require you to stop working so you and a co-worker can bring the truck to our shop. We pick it up or send a mobile service truck saving you hours of billable time. Imagine if you had a large fleet getting service every day or every week, how much would that cost in lost production and payroll for unbillable tasks like driving a truck in for service?

What’s worse is that this process repeats itself again when the truck is completed.

Not with us. We deliver your truck to the location of your choice while you continue working and billing. On top of that, all unplanned services are entered into our Rapid Repair Assessment program, which gets you answers fast- in hours, not days.

“I had no idea there could be so many ways to improve what we have been doing for years, I think the low-price guy with all his good intentions is hurting my business and my bottom line! ”

I agree, he is. Look at the graphic and see just how much the ‘old’ way is costing you.

“I see it and I’m making a change and getting a better value! ”

If you want to experience better value, the ARS way, drop us a line to discover more.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service