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Keep Your Truck Rolling with Mobile Repair Services

Save Time and Money with Mobile Repair Services

Does Your Business Need Mobile Truck Repair?

Today’s businesses are up against tight deadlines and high customer expectations. As such, optimal efficiency and dependable equipment are essential. If one of your mobile trucks breaks down, it can lead to downtime, delayed shipments, unhappy customers, and lost profits. That’s why business owners need to partner with an experienced team of mobile truck repair specialists to get their fleet—and business—back on track. Luckily, businesses throughout Delaware, Northeastern Maryland, Philadelphia, and the entire Tri-State Area can depend on ARS Truck & Fleet Service in New Castle, Delaware, for fast and efficient mobile truck repair services.


Still, can your business benefit from our trustworthy mobile truck repair solutions? Here are the three top advantages of this service.

1. Super Convenient

Can’t make it to an auto repair shop? No problem! ARS Truck & Fleet Service’s team of ASE-certified mechanics will bring our full-service shop to you. Our automotive repair experts can bring their tools, diagnostics equipment, and high-quality parts to you, regardless of your truck’s location. This saves you time and gets your vehicle back on the road faster.

2. Saves Your Business Money

Waiting for a tow truck to arrive on site and tow your vehicle to a car repair shop can be time-consuming. This can lead to more downtime, delayed deliveries, and frustrated clients. Fortunately, ARS Truck & Fleet Service provides on-the-site repairs, enabling your vehicle to get back up and running as quickly as possible. This drastically reduces downtime, allowing your company to save more money and resume business as usual.

3. Preventative Maintenance

You rely on your commercial trucks to operate at their best. Bald tires, worn-out brake pads, and faulty hydraulic cylinders can lead to breakdowns and increased safety risks. When you call ARS Truck & Fleet Service for mobile truck repair services, our ASE-certified technicians will closely examine your vehicle. We will identify potential problems during our inspection before they escalate into more serious and expensive issues. This ensures your work trucks are always performing at their best.

Trust Your Fleet to New Castle’s Local Experts

If you need to get back on the road as soon as possible, contact the ASE-certified mechanics at ARS Truck & Fleet Service in New Castle, Delaware, today. A five-time member of ATI’s Top 12 National Automotive Shops, you can rest easy knowing your trucks are in good hands. Call ARS Truck & Fleet Service at (302) 998-0628 for all your auto repairs and maintenance needs.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service