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Truck Maintenance Tips for Fall

Trucks are built to last, but they need regular maintenance to keep them roadworthy all year round. The fall is the perfect time for fleet managers and truck owners to prepare their commercial vehicles for the upcoming winter.

Here are our top tips to help your truck get through the fall and winter months unscathed:

  1. Check your tires

Worn tire treads make it difficult and potentially dangerous to drive in weather conditions such as snow or rain. Plus, most states – including Delaware have a minimum legal tread depth of  2/32 of an inch.  One straightforward way to test if your tires are too worn is to insert a penny, with President Lincoln’s head pointed down, into the grooves on your tire tread. If you can still see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires. If some of his head is hidden, your tires still have a little life in them yet.

Regular fleet servicing and maintenance means that your tires will be checked by qualified technicians. They will easily spot any problems and make sure your tires are always in good condition, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it.

2.    Check the battery

The fall is the perfect time to check the health of your battery. Making sure your battery is in perfect condition now can save you from cold starts in the winter months. Batteries don’t do well in temperature extremes, so a weak battery is more likely to fail in the extreme cold of winter.

Having your truck battery tested with professional equipment is the best way to identify any problems. It can be dangerous to try this yourself without the right protective clothing, or if you’re not experienced.

3.    Change the oil

Constant fluctuations in temperature don’t just negatively affect your battery. They can also affect your truck’s oil filter. Lower temperatures cause the oil to thicken, putting extra pressure on the oil filter. To avoid issues, change your oil and your oil filter regularly.

4.    Protect your truck’s undercarriage

Road salt can mix with rainwater and snow, causing corrosion damage to the underside of your commercial vehicles. Having the undercarriage sprayed with a protective coating will protect your trucks from rust damage.

5.    Get your trucks maintained by a fleet service provider


At ARS Fleet Service we provide maintenance and repair services to commercial fleet owners throughout the Tri-state area, including Delaware, New Castle, Philadelphia and Northeastern Maryland.  We understand that you have no time for downtime and keeping your fleet on the road is our top priority.  That’s why we focus on commercial vehicles, 100% of the time, so our team is experienced and knowledgeable about trucks and other commercial  vehicles.

Our maintenance program keeps your trucks on the road all year round. From mobile truck and trailer repairs to regular maintenance reminder reports, we provide everything you need to keep your vehicles moving no matter the weather.


Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service