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The Benefits of a Great Mobile Fleet Service Partner

Managing a commercial fleet is challenging. Keeping all your vehicles in top condition and out on the road where they’re making you money is your number one priority. As a commercial fleet manager, you know how important maintaining your commercial vehicles is for your business performance.

Taking your vehicles to a workshop for repairs and maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive. Plus, driving them there can be bad for your fuel economy. Having a fleet service partner who can come to you at your convenience and minimize your downtime can make your job much easier.

Let’s break down what a great mobile fleet service partner looks like, and what benefits that has for you:

Great service

They are 100% focused on commercial vehicles, so they understand that when a truck goes down, you need it fixed fast. By bringing their shop to you, they minimize the stress, inconvenience, and expense that downtime can cause.  Your satisfaction is their priority. Plus, they’ll also be equipped to service and repair all kinds of commercial vehicles and equipment, so there’s no need to look elsewhere for your service needs.

Experienced technicians

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. So it makes sense that you only want to entrust your vehicles to the most experienced technicians that you know can deliver reliable and efficient service.  The very best fleet service partners aren’t just highly skilled; they also go the extra mile for you whenever you need it.

No appointment necessary

The best mobile fleet service partners don’t insist on appointments that could make it difficult for you to work around. They’ll perform all the work you need on-site at your premises or even at the job site. Whether it’s a routine preventative maintenance inspection or a DOT inspection, they’ll come to you at a time that works best for you.

Complex repairs and diagnostics

The whole point of a mobile service partner is to remove restrictions. You need them to be able to offer truly mobile servicing that includes more than basic maintenance and repair. From computer scans to welding and fabricating, the fewer restrictions on their capability, the better. That way, you won’t need to worry about getting your vehicles to a shop.

Looking for a mobile fleet service partner in the Tri-State area? At ARS Fleet Service, we offer fast, efficient, and reliable mobile service and repair solutions for your commercial fleet. We’re equipped to work on gas and diesel engines, trailers, box trucks, utility trucks, large equipment, emergency service vehicles, tractors, construction vehicles, and more.  With our unrivaled capability out-of-a-truck, you get both convenience and peace of mind.

Want to reap the rewards of a great mobile service partner? Why not contact us today to find out how we can keep you moving?

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service