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Importance of Metalwork to Commercial Bodywork

Metal Fabrication and Welding in New Castle, DE

Quick and Easy. Okay?

We get it. Your commercial vehicle is your livelihood and/or your company’s bottom line. You need the repair process to be simple. While we agree that service should be done as fast as safely and reliably feasible, beware before you hear the voice saying, ‘Quick and easy. Okay?’ Perhaps it’s not okay. Did you know that some equipment failures cause 55% of all commercial truck accidents that result in injuries? That’s right. Just as your vehicle should be mechanically sound, so must it have the structural integrity that comes from reliable metal fabrication and welding. You can always count on ARS Truck & Fleet Service in New Castle, Delaware.

Why It Matters

Although some minor dings can be easily repaired with a few taps or pulls and maybe a spray of paint, others body issues are more complex to fix. If your rig has significant rust or collision damage, simply covering the problem(s) with visual trickery is a very bad idea. Your vehicle will likely lack the structural integrity needed to ensure the safety of your driver, other motorists, and your loads. Even if a quick cover-up makes your truck or equipment look better for the moment, additional damage can occur underneath (i.e., rust and decay). Also, shoddy repairs are unlikely to last long term. You may spend money on a cut-rate repair only to find that the materials used are soon peeling or crumbling away. Thus, it costs less to fix it right the first time.

Where It Matters

At ARS Truck & Fleet Service, reputable metal fabrication and welding matters at our enormous 80,000-square-foot shop. However, we also understand that it matters at your business address and anywhere your drivers and fleet vehicles are along the road. Whether your vehicle is at our site or we’re serving you with our mobile shop that extends to a 60-mile radius, rest assured that repairs are correct. Why? Because we’re 100% dedicated to commercial/fleet repair.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service