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How Your Truck’s Hydraulic System Works

A Short Primer on Hydraulics

What is Hydraulic Force?

There’s a limit to the amount of heavy lifting, moving, or other work a single individual can do. A body has only so much strength. However, a person can perform amazing feats using hydraulic force with only a tiny amount of effort. This works because of Pascal’s principle, which says that when pressure is applied to fluid in a confined space, it causes an equal transfer of force. For example, the ability to stop a commercial truck with a minuscule amount of force when the brake is applied. For more information on how hydraulics make work more manageable and reputable hydraulic repair, count on ARS Truck & Fleet Service in New Castle, Delaware.

An Overview of Hydraulic Repair

Hydraulic pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. This amount of force is directly proportional to the amount of work your vehicle can perform (i.e., stopping/braking ability, lift.). Therefore, if anything impedes the flow of hydraulic fluid or allows it to leak, the lack of sufficient fluid pressure results in reduced performance or complete mechanical failure. Never fear, however. Repairs can be as simple as refilling fluid periodically.

Suppose a hydraulic line/hose is leaking. In that case, it should be repaired or replaced, and ruptured or weak (bubbled lines that don’t have a metal mesh exterior covering) must be replaced. Replacement options include lines that are pre-made and ready for assembly/installation, as well as custom hose fabrication. Sometimes more major help is needed for your hydraulic system(s). Common repairs and replacements include:

  • The hydraulic pump (changes electric energy to fluid pressure).
  • Motor (typically used to operate industrial equipment).
  • Cylinder (applied force to the hydraulic fluid).

Reliable Hydraulic Repair

Suppose you’re experiencing a hydraulic issue on your commercial vehicle. In that case, the ARS Truck & Fleet Service team understands that you need a quick turnaround time to continue working and conducting business. We also know that you need a service that’s reliable and reputable. You can always count on us to meet your hydraulic repair needs because we specialize exclusively in commercial/fleet vehicle repair.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service