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Heavy-Duty Transmissions for Heavy-Duty Trucks

What is the Right Transmission for Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle?

There are Options?

Given the history of commercial transportation, some prospective owners need to be made aware that there are choices of transmission types. Indeed, there are. You can go with the traditional manual or opt for the more modern automatic model. And did you know there’s even a third option, the AMT (automatic manual transmission)? You also have choices when selecting a commercial vehicle repair facility. ARS Truck & Fleet Service in New Castle, Delaware, has built our entire practice around owners like you. We’ll be happy to assist you with all your heavy-duty transmission repair needs.

Pros, Cons, and Opinions

Commercial heavy-duty units traditionally were equipped with manual transmissions, and many still are. The rationale was that the driver needed to be able to control gear shifts to ensure load pulls, navigate inclines/declines, and optimize overall fuel efficiency. Many have now shifted their opinions, however:

  1. Modern technology enables the automatic model to shift more valid points than human perception allows, conserving fuel.
  2. As a younger generation of drivers takes the wheel, automatic transmissions become more attractive. Since most passenger cars (where nearly all of us learn to drive) are automatic, some CDL holders have little experience with manuals. It’s easier, therefore, to fill driver vacancies if your truck(s) is an automatic.
  3. There’s a third transmission to consider.

The AMT is often perceived to be nothing more than an automatic. Still, it combines the best features of both the automatic and manual. The gearbox is manual, but sensors, actuators, and computers direct the shifting.

The Decision Is Yours

The decision about which transmission should be in your truck is certainly yours. Fortunately, so is the shop that will make your heavy-duty transmission repairs. Make ARS Truck & Fleet Service your go-to shop for commercial vehicle repairs. You even have choices about how to obtain our services. Visit our facility, or have our mobile shop go to you.

Written by ARS Truck & Fleet Service